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The Journey Matters

At Gäshawk we recognize that the journey matters more than the destination. We envision an RV that uses sustainable source materials and cutting edge technology to reduce our impact on the environment we love to enjoy.

The Roots

We are a motor coach startup currently in the concept phase, looking for supporters as we gather funding for our prototype. We have a team of technicians and businessmen that have a passion for the outdoors. 

How You Can Help

Visit our IndieGoGo page linked below to support our cause! We appreciate any kind of support you can muster, especially shares and comments on our campaign. Don't forget to follow us on the social media platforms linked right below!


Press Release


Press Release 9/4/2018

South Bend, Ind. – Sept. 4th, 2018 – As the Labor Day weekend draws to an end a team of entrepreneurs are working to usher in a new era for recreation vehicles. A group of three hockey players from South Bend, Indiana have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for their concept motorhome. “We are passionate about the outdoors and helping all generations to enjoy their leisure time with minimal effort. It is an added benefit that we can do this while helping improve the environmental impact of RVs,” said Jason Matthews, CEO and Founder of Gäshawk Inc.

Gäshawk is not the first concept RV to include technology or sustainability, but it is the first concept RV to tackle this challenge with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as the fuel source. “Much of the focus in sustainability in RV manufacture to date is on small trailers that can be pulled by small, more fuel-efficient hybrids,” says Jason, “Or campers that integrate solar panel arrays into existing models with limited positive impact on the environment. We have developed a concept that uses CNG to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 90% over gasoline or diesel so that it pollutes much less than comparable options on the market today.”

Jason points out that while sustainability is the core of their ethos it is not their only passion. “Our name, Gäshawk, is derived from the Northern Goshawk, a beautiful raptor that enjoys the freedom of taking flight at a moments notice.” Their concept aims to achieve similar freedoms for their users by leveraging the internet of things. Jason explains that smart phones and voice assistants have just started to scratch the surface of possibilities. “Imagine a motorhome that you can get a status update on your smartphone while at the office,” says Jason, “Your app would tell you if your water tank has been topped off, your fuel range, what your food stores looked like, and whether or not your waste tank had been cleaned out, just to name a few!”

The Gäshawk team is excited for what the future brings. They have done research over the past year and have found that 72% of campers in 2017 were Generation X or Millennial campers. “These generations value experiences and manufacturers that believe in the same values they have,” explains Jason. “We know they are looking for a company like ours and hope our IndieGoGo campaign will give us the market validation we need to move on to building our prototype.” You can follow their progress by searching @gashawkrv on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. People who wish to look over their campaign can visit https://igg.me/at/gashawkrv

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